How to Help Your Child
Speak Spanish Right Away

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Focus on Speaking and Learning Phrases

Amber shows you how this program will
help you do just that!

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Included In the Courses

Video Lessons

No worries about whether you are pronouncing words or presenting the material correctly or not, it is like the teacher is right there with you! Each video lesson is about 15- 20 minutes.

Exercises and Quizzes

Practice and measure progress with plenty of exercises and quizzes.


Each course includes a digital textbook and worksheets so you have all the material to scroll through as needed after watching the video lessons.

Extra Practice

Each course includes extra explanations and chances to practice.


Comprehensive Course #1 Practice SER, ESTAR, TENER and IR

Practice phrases saying things about yourself and other people, about things that they are doing and things that they have and places they can go.

Learn vocabulary in context.

Learn the alphabet, numbers and colors as well as basic phrases for introductions and salutations.  We also learn quotes and jokes, opposite words, descriptive words, emotions and much more!

Included are exercises and quizzes.

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Spanish Basics Course for Kids

The basics course covers all the basics of the alphabet, pronunciation, colors, numbers, days of the week, months of the year as well as introductions and useful Spanish phrases.

The booklet is free when you sign up for the newsletter.  The course gives you audio with the book and extra practice!

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Streamlined Course #1

This course is for those who just want the information with the pronunciation and extra explanations, but without the daily instruction and repetition.

It’s best for kids who are good at memorizing and practicing on their own.

Otherwise, stick with the comprehensive which includes all the info from the basics plus descriptions, emotions, opposites, directions and more.

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About the Teacher

Amber developed this course specifically to help children start to speak Spanish from the beginning focusing more on speaking and communicating than on grammar- though there is plenty of grammar also!

She grew up in Mexico and thus has a Mexican accent.  She became more interested in teaching languages when her family moved to France and she and her kids struggled to learn French.  As they all learned French together, Amber learned the most effective and easy ways to learn a new language.

When the family moved back to the states, Amber decided to apply what she had learned about learning languages to Spanish and created this course for her kids.

This course will allow your children to learn Spanish the same way Amber is helping her kids to learn it- by learning phrases and speaking!  Click on the button to sample the course for Volume 1!,

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