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Descriptions – Using Ser and Estar to describe people and places

We learn so much of the vocabulary for the family while also learning how to describe the different people in the first volume of Kids Speak Spanish. We learn how to say, this is a mother. She is a girl. He is a man. The boy is nice. etc. I was very pleased that this week in our Spanish class that my boys and my niece we able to answer my questions and describe some of the people in the following picture- all in Spanish. They understood my questions and were able to answer and even say a few things I wasn’t expecting!

In case you would like to practice this also, I have attached the file so you can download it and practice! There are descriptive sentences included in the file. I will eventually put it in a booklet once I have more things to put in it.

I may also be starting some weekly or biweekly Spanish classes for kids- so if you are interested in that- send me an email at

¡Hasta Luego!


Amber moved to Guadalajara, Mexico with her family when she was just 7 years old. They all learned and spoke Spanish there and lived there for 5+ years, visiting frequently. Amber studied Spanish all through high school and minored in it in college. She learned a lot about learning languages when she and her family moved to France and took on the challenge of learning French. She has also learned a lot about teaching kids since she has been homeschooling her 8 from the start. Amber has taken all she has learned from all these experiences to make this Spanish course specifically for kids to be able to start speaking Spanish right away. The focus is on helping kids learn to make sentences and to learn vocabulary words in context. Speaking, listening, practicing and repeating make this program a winner when it comes to helping kids learn Spanish!

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