You are currently viewing Vocabulario para la primavera – Vocabulary for Spring!

Vocabulario para la primavera – Vocabulary for Spring!

Here is a list of vocabulary words to use when talking about Spring! Notice that the seasons are not capitalized in Spanish. Anyway, this is really great because you can help your child practice descriptions.

Talk about the picture by having them say things like:

Hay árboles y flores. There are trees and flowers.

Hay un niño. There is a boy.

Hay una mariposa. There is a butterfly.

Los arboles son verdes. The trees are green.

And ask them the question : ¿ Qué es esto? What is this?

They can respond with:

Esto es un pájaro. This is a bird.

Esto es una rana. This is a frog. ( I know it’s not the best picture, use your imagination, 🙂 )

Esto es un estanque. This is a pond.

And ¿Qué son estos? What are these?

Estos son arboles. These are trees.

Estos son hojas. These are leaves.

Estos son ramas. These are branches.

Here is the picture:

Here are the vocabulary words:

los animales bebés- baby animals

los brotes- blossoms

la mariposa – butterfly

el nacimiento – the birth

el polluelo- chick

el pájaro- bird

la Pascua – Easter

los huevos – eggs

las flores – flowers

el césped – grass

el nido – nest

las semillas- seeds

el lazo – bow

el estanque – pond

la rana – frog

el renacuajo – tadpole

el pato – duck

los patitos – ducklings

el arbusto – bush

el árbol – tree

las hojas – leaves

las ramas – branches

el jardín – garden

el charco – puddle

el lodo, el barro – mud

creciendo – growing

la canasta– basket

Here is the download of the page in case you want to view it in pdf or print:

Happy Learning! ¡Buena suerte!


Amber moved to Guadalajara, Mexico with her family when she was just 7 years old. They all learned and spoke Spanish there and lived there for 5+ years, visiting frequently. Amber studied Spanish all through high school and minored in it in college. She learned a lot about learning languages when she and her family moved to France and took on the challenge of learning French. She has also learned a lot about teaching kids since she has been homeschooling her 8 from the start. Amber has taken all she has learned from all these experiences to make this Spanish course specifically for kids to be able to start speaking Spanish right away. The focus is on helping kids learn to make sentences and to learn vocabulary words in context. Speaking, listening, practicing and repeating make this program a winner when it comes to helping kids learn Spanish!

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