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Complete Spanish Courses
for Kids

Video Lessons

No worries about whether you are pronouncing words or presenting the material correctly or not, it is like the teacher is right there with you!

Quizes and Tests

Measure your progress with built in quizzes and tests!


Each course includes a digital textbook and worksheets so you have all the material to scroll through as needed after watching the video lessons.

Online Interaction

Connect with other Spanish students in our exclusive Facebook Group. There will also periodic live lessons teaching songs, poems or reading a story.

Kids Speak Spanish Vol. 1

Course #1

Learn Spanish and be able to start saying things right away. By learning the conjugations for the verbs tone, to have and to go, you will be able to say all sorts of things.

The pictures illustrate who the phrases are talking about making it easier to see how the conjugations change for each person and when to use the formal and informal forms of the verbs. Every phrase has a picture which makes it easy to remember all those new words you will be learning.

The videos that go along with the book are each about 15 – 20 minutes long- just the right amount of time for children’s attention spans. Review and repetition are built into the lessons. Sometimes Amber’s kids join in to make it a little more fun.

When you join the course, you will have access to an exclusive Facebook group so you can interact with the teacher and with other students. There are also various live meetings where Amber will teach a Spanish song or read a Spanish story and explain what the words all mean.

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Course Produced by a Homeschool Mom

Have you found language learning to be a frustrating experience? Amber developed this course after having lived as a child in Mexico for 5+ years and as an adult with her children France for 3+ years.  Adapting and learning a new language can be difficult!

Amber developed this course specifically to help children start to speak Spanish from the beginning focusing more on speaking and communicating than on grammar- though there is plenty of grammar also!

This course will allow your children to learn Spanish the same way Amber is helping her kids to learn it- by learning phrases and speaking!  Click on the button to sample the course for Volume 1!

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