Kids Speak Spanish Volume #1 – Streamlined Course



This course follows the format of the Kids Speak Spanish vol. 1 book.  If you are able to learn the material in this book, you will be able to speak simple Spanish using the “to be” verbs SER and ESTAR- I am, you are, he is, we are, they are, etc. – the “to have” verb TENER- I have, you have, she has, he has, we have, they have, etc. and the “to go” verb IR – I go, you go, he goes, she goes, we go, they go.

Every page introduces the new material in a question and answer format with sentences answering both yes and no formats.  Vocabulary is limited so that the kids can focus on the patterns of using these basic words and concepts.  Illustrations make the content more engaging.

Make the course work for you- rewatch the video lessons as much as needed.  This information is for you!

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